Will I meet the Surgeon before surgery?

Will I meet my surgeon prior to the surgery?

You will either see the surgeon in the office or in the hospital before surgery to answer any questions prior to surgery. On occasion, because of an urgent or emergent situation, you might meet the surgeon just before surgery, but this is not our general practice. We like to meet with you before surgery and discuss the problems you have and how we intend to fix them as well as the risks involved. In most instances, we will meet with you beforehand and also meet with you just before surgery to answer any other questions that might have come to mind. Please feel free to ask any questions, as any question that you have is important for us to answer. Additionally, you will probably not meet the anesthesiologist until just before surgery. If you have any concerns about the anesthesia, please feel free to tell your surgeon so the Anesthesiologist can meet with you to answer your questions long before surgery.

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