Why is my surgery delayed?

Occasionally, the hospital runs into an emergency or the surgeon responsible for your care will have an emergency, possibly even at another hospital. This will delay your surgery. Sometimes, although very unusual, the surgeon who is responsible for your surgery will not be able to do it on that particular day. When your surgeon is not able to do your surgery as scheduled, one of his/her partners may be asked to do the surgery, but the decision on who does your surgery is up to you. If you wish to have the surgery performed without delay by another of our surgeons he/she will speak with you about the procedure before your surgery. If you decide you would rather wait for the surgeon who has already talked to you, then the case may be delayed until later in the day or rescheduled. Occasionally, because of overload at the hospitals surgery is also delayed or cancelled. We have minimal control over hospital delays and cancellations. However, once we take the responsibility for your surgery, we will follow through with appropriate care.

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